Digitally transforming
chemicals & material

Technology Platform

Forward investment has driven the development of Environmental Fluids’ technology platform; utilizing advancements in software for the research and modeling of high performance materials. One of the many uses of this platform is to simulate and run computational analysis on material properties, including rates of reaction, intramolecular interaction, and catalyst selectivity.

The heart of our platform is Environmental Fluids’ laboratory, which is comprised of the research & development center, application performance workshop, and quality control facilities. These technological epicenters all contribute to the design of novel materials with a focus on increasing production rates, efficiently transitioning scale-up, stabilizing formulations, and the strictest quality control.

High-Performance Materials

Environmental Fluids’ products are based on high-performance materials with an environmental purpose, all formulated to exceed end use application requirements. Our technologies represent performance materials; focusing on multi-functional surfactants, green solvents, polymers, hydrotropes, specialty chemicals, and nano-materials.

Our company delivers these specialty chemistries to various market verticals ranging in size and scope; always working on the basis that no two clients are the same with no two problems solved in the same manner. The staff here at Environmental Fluids is led by expert scientists in the field, dedicating their time towards the development of safer and higher performing chemistries for the materials consumed in our everyday lives.

Environmental Awareness

It’s a rule in the modern chemical industry; awareness of environmental elements and engineering of greener chemistries is the standard for humanities future generations. Here at Environmental Fluids, we do just that; utilize only the safest and regenerative raw materials to produce the next generation of ecologically friendly materials.

Our products focus is of a bio-derived and renewable nature, representing a non-toxic and non-volatile alternative to the dangerous and harmful solvents and volatile organic compounds which are so commonly used in the sector. Protecting the environment is one of the foundations which personifies us as a company and we will never deviate from this initiative.

Turnkey Solutions

Environmental Fluids shares the belief that modern companies must not simply catalogue products and prices, but present them with answers to their problems. Our competencies lie in our ability to provide customers with multifaceted solutions, originating in research and engineering and extending these efforts to industrial production and distribution of finished materials.

Through time, we have facilitated the development of numerous formulations, which has helped companies produce safer and higher performing materials. As we matured, our initiatives have shifted to providing end-to-end solutions for our clients. We focus on value added services, which take projects from concept to full-scale production and generate efficiencies through the manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution supply chain.

Expanding Global Presence

With a level of investment, hunger for success and continued hard work, Environmental Fluids has become a recognized brand since our initial establishment in 2005. Our company is already expanding across the U.S. and positioning ourselves on several points across the globe to broaden our reach and offer our chemical solutions to many more millions.

This reach does not stop at research, development and production of materials: our fulfillment processes provide customers with blending, processing, packaging, and warehousing services. These end-to-end facilities streamline steps in the supply chain and drive a significant cost saving, allowing all clients to focus on the pertinent aspects of their project lifecycles.