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Used in a wide range of applications which require the interaction of water with oils and dirt, surfactants (or surface active agents) are complex organic compounds which commonly act as main ingredients for laundry detergents, dishwashing tablets and hard surface cleaners, as well as forming emulsions found in shampoos, floor polishes and many other common household, institutional and industrial products.

Environmental Fluids specializes in the production of all classes of surfactants, and we ensure that our clients find the solution to their needs, no matter which industry they are involved in. Contact us today for more information.

Green Solvents

Reducing the use of toxic and harmful chlorinated or volatile organic solvents is one of the first priorities a chemical company must possess if they wish to commit to the protection of the environment. The second is the replacement of these compounds with biodegradable, non-toxic solvents of renewable sources, which ensure the safety of both the world around us and the men, women and children who make use of them.

At Environmental Fluids we have developed a long line of green products for your every necessity — contact us to learn more.


Commonly identified as plastics but also found across nature; polymers are a building block of the modern world, representing incredibly useful materials which have an enormous number of applications in modern technology. From cables to machine parts, food containers to toothbrushes, these macromolecular compounds are found in all kinds of industries, and are one of the products offered by Environmental Fluids in our diverse catalogue of synthetic materials.

Contact us to receive more information on our inventory and variety of polymers.


Used as solubilizers and co-surfactants — compounds which serve to increase the power of surface active agents — hydrotropes increase the miscibility between two previously immiscible compounds and provide stability to chemical solutions.

Found primarily in cleaning products at all levels, Environmental Fluids has a wide range of hydrotrope products which will fulfill the needs of your commercial formulations! Contact us for additional information.

Specialty Chemicals

Divided into formulations and performance chemicals (single recipes of additive components or specific performance-related chemicals), specialty chemicals are mainly substances which are created to improve the effects of other products, providing a unique, high-performance application that will improve the action of the chemicals they are added to.

Acting as additives, flavors, fragrances, adhesives or entire formulations, these chemicals serve to improve the quality of the products of your brand: they will take your manufactured goods to a higher level than your competitors’. Contact Environmental Fluids for additional info on the supply of these chemicals.


Advanced materials which are small enough to be measured in nanometers, these elements possess very different properties to those they may have had in their usual form, making them important components in the production of delicate, specialized products and technologies.

Environmental Fluids has already begun the research and development of these products; keep an eye out for further news on our upcoming develop of nano-materials.