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Bio-Based Chemistries

renewable chemicals

Setting the bar with world-class engineering and custom formulation development

EFmaterials Chemical Quality Check

Strictest Quality

From engineering to packaging, every stage of our supply chain is undertaken in the most stringent manner to ensure the highest quality and safety.

EFmaterials Manufacturing Standards

Environmental Standards

We take our environmental responsibility seriously, ensuring each product is manufactured, transported and recycled in the most conducive manner.

custom engineered products

Custom Engineered Products

Our team of dedicated researchers and chemists work one-on-one with your company to engineer custom bio-based surfactants, polymers and specialty chemicals.

Digitally transforming chemicals and material sciences!

Applying modern technology to produce environmentally-friendly chemistries, Environmental Fluids delivers end-to-end solutions helping our clients design and develop next generation performance materials.

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Turn-key research

Environmental Fluids’ is a turn-key chemicals research, scale-up and production company specializing in the synthesis of renewable and bio-derived materials.

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Discover our high-performance materials

The products at Environmental Fluids have been developed and optimized for usage in personal care, textile and many other markets at all levels — our polymers, specialty chemicals, hydrotropes, nano-materials, green solvents, and surfactants are a high-performance chemical solution to any requirements our customers may have!

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Investing in developing innovative technologies

Environmental Fluids Products' are designed for use in industrial and personal care applications. These applications include cleaning products, paints & coatings, adhesives, elastomers, metal working, oil field & energy, electronics, textiles, mining, construction, printing & inks, and water treatment.

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